Summary Synthesis

My Interdisciplinary Studies program is called health sciences. It incorporates an array of disciplines such as Biology, Psychology, Social Work, Nursing, Sociology and Philosophy. My IDS essay goes into detail about the courses that apply to my program. I am specifically interested in learning about women’s health, particularly maternal health and the cognitive and developmental […]

Final Exam Portion

Although my time in the interdisciplinary program here at Plymouth State University has been short, it has certainly been intriguing and rewarding. Before being in this program, all I knew about it was that you create your own major, not really even sure what that enlists of. Once I changed my major to IDS, I […]

Applied Project Link

Here is my final link to my Applied Project for my Interdisciplinary Studies senior seminar class! I am excited to share with you a website I have created using an abundance of information and research about maternal health! I hope that this is a fun and informative experience for the reader. Thank you! […]

The Things I’ve Learned

My classes this semester have integrated with my health sciences major, but also tie in to my future hopes of becoming a nurse. I have a strong interest in maternal health and nutrition as well. Even incorporating the two is something I enjoy learning about. Between my illness, wellness, and healing class and my principles […]

Interdisciplinary Scholarly Article

The scholarly article I found is called, Interdisciplinary Studies of Childhood Ethics: Developing a New Field of Inquiry. This article talks about a two year study, that covers a new field of childhood ethics. The authors discuss all the different types of disciplines that are collaborated to make this an interdisciplinary project. The different disciplines […]

Moving Forward With My AP&RA

One thing that I really appreciate from coming into the Interdisciplinary Studies program here is that it helped me figure out what I exactly want to do when I leave Plymouth. That is to be a nurse in either the maternity, neonatal, or pediatrics field while having some knowledge on health and nutrition. I’m going […]

Interdisciplinary Success Story

Interdisciplinary has allowed people to take different passions from different fields and combine them into something unique. Over the years, there have been numerous success stories and today I am focusing on the successful career of Christine Hameline, who has been quoted as, “A true renaissance woman.” Hameline has taken her interest in different fields and […]