Health Discipline

Health is a discipline in my interdisciplinary program. Applied nutrition to healthy living and principles of health are two of my classes that are both intertwined into the health field of my major. Women’s health is another class I will take to help me understand the health of specifically women, in their daily lives while also taking […]

Capstone Project Ideas

Its crazy to think that my time at Plymouth is becoming so limited. But it’s exciting to see where my education will take me in the future. I’m excited to take all of my experiences and all that I have learned here at Plymouth and be able to apply it to bettering the lives of […]

IDS Essay

My program that I have created will be called Health Sciences. My program includes a variety of different disciplines such as Biology, Psychology, Social Work, Nursing, Sociology, and Philosophy. As a graduating senior, I have changed my major a variety of times before finding my place in the Interdisciplinary program here at Plymouth State University. […]

IDS Readings

The article I enjoyed most was The Web We Need to Give Students. “Schools routinely caution students about the things they post on social media, and the tenor of this conversation-particularly as translated by the media-is often tinged with fears that students will be seen “doing bad things” or “saying bad things” that will haunt […]