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Although my time in the interdisciplinary program here at Plymouth State University has been short, it has certainly been intriguing and rewarding. Before being in this program, all I knew about it was that you create your own major, not really even sure what that enlists of. Once I changed my major to IDS, I honestly had no idea what this intro class would be about. Like most intro classes, I was sure it was going to cover some basic concepts of IDS. My question was though, what even is interdisciplinary studies and what is there to learn about it? I thought this class was going to be me going through all of the classes I’ve taken and plan to take to create this major of mine. I had no other expectations though.

I honestly don’t think I had ever really even heard the word interdisciplinarity before coming to college. When my roommates switched into the IDS program our sophomore year, I took interdisciplinary as being independent. That it was a person’s own program and not one created by the school.

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My understanding of IDS changed over the semester as I was exposed to what it really meant and entailed. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, coming into IDS I thought that interdisciplinary meant independent or individual. Going through the program, my current understanding is something that involved multiple disciplines and relates to all different kinds of education and knowledge. It’s incorporating these different disciplines to create something new. It’s about students creating something specific that the cookie cutter field of education doesn’t necessarily offer.

Interdisciplinary studies had us create a twitter handle where we try and connect with people of our aspiring major. For me, as a health science major, I can connect this to health sciences by trying to connecting with people from the health science field. This connects to the article, The Web We Give Students, because as a health science field, I use the internet to connect with other health sciences and networks.

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Interdisciplinary studies matters to universities because universities don’t always have the majors that students want. The school may be a good fit for them, but if it doesn’t offer what the student needs academically, then the school may not be right for that student. If a school offers an interdisciplinary study program, then students have the opportunity to create what they need. This matters to the world because there are so many different jobs with specific requirements. Interdisciplinary studies can change the world and incorporate disciplines.

My hopes for the future are that I will be able to do something that helps people. I hope to be a pediatric nurse. I hope to some day get my masters and continue my education for as far as I can go. My time here at Plymouth has been a crazy ride and has most certainly shaped me into the person I am today. I am excited to see what the future holds for me after my time here.

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My hopes for the future of IDS is that more universities implement programs like this into their schools. I hope that the school shines more light on IDS and that it creates awareness for other students to join the program. I hope the concept of having access to textbooks online is shared not only within interdisciplinary study programs, but other majors and schools as well. I hope that students can learn to build textbooks for certain topics like we have learned in IDS. I hope it grows as a program here, and continues to give students opportunities that other programs can’t give.

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  1. Brooke Maggy says: Reply

    Hey Casey! I also had the same preconceived ideas about the IDS program before entering it. I agree with when you originally thought it meant “independent or individual”, because I thought the exact same thing. But in reality, we are working with many different people in other disciplines. Overall, great post! I wish you the best with finals and the rest of your schooling!

  2. I feel like you have been in our program for years, Casey, and it will be weird not to have you sitting back there in your spot! You rallied and pulled so many things together, and did it all with grace and goodwill. You should be seriously proud of your achievements this year!

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