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My program that I have created will be called Health Sciences. My program includes a variety of different disciplines such as Biology, Psychology, Social Work, Nursing, Sociology, and Philosophy. As a graduating senior, I have changed my major a variety of times before finding my place in the Interdisciplinary program here at Plymouth State University. Being undecided for almost two years, I committed to becoming a nursing major. The nursing program here did not turn out to be the right fit for me. I decided to pursue my major in Health Sciences within the Interdisciplinary Studies program. My interests in different disciplines has continuously changed throughout my four years of college. Learning about the Interdisciplinary Studies program, I saw an opportunity to take the variety of disciplines that appeal to me and incorporate them into one program. My interests vary from learning about the cognitive and physical development of children to women’s health, specifically in maternity. I created this program to help me learn from different disciplines that pertain to my interests in the health field.

The Interdisciplinary Studies program has helped me find my specific interests in the Health Sciences field that have lead me to realize that I want to be a Pediatric Nurse in the future. For many years I have worked with kids in various settings, reinforcing my passion for childcare. Throughout my courses over the years, I have also taken an interest in women’s and maternal health. Women’s health varies from men’s health in numerous ways, especially in maternal health.

I believe that my qualities as a person will help prepare me for a field in Health Sciences. I am sympathetic, hardworking, caring and kind. I connect with people no matter their

personalities or situation. I love to listen and really hear what people need to say. When times get tough, I am determined and not afraid of a challenge. During my time here at Plymouth, I

was unsure of what I wanted to major in, but I knew that I wanted to help people. I want an occupation that would be fulfilling in various ways, every day. The qualities that I am looking for in a career is that I will be able to experience different scenarios, opportunities, and challenges when the situation presents itself. Through learning about maternal health and the development of children, I believe that Health Sciences is the right academic direction for me.

The classes I have chosen for my Health Sciences degree cover a variety of disciplines. I worked to achieve an education in Biology, Patient Advocacy, Psychology, the Social Sciences, and Nutrition throughout my four years here at Plymouth State University. My Biology courses include BI2110 Human Anatomy and Physiology I, BI2120 Human Anatomy and Physiology II, BI 2130 Human A&P Laboratory I, BI2140 Human A&P Laboratory II, BI2340 Microbiology for Nurses, MA2300 Statistics I and BI 2360 Genetics for Nurses. These classes give me insight on the structure and function of the human body. I have learned about the basic anatomy and genetic composition of humans and how our bodies work.

For my psychology courses, I have taken PS2050 Life-Span Developmental Psychology and PS2010 Introduction to General Psychology, which is not listed on my contract. These courses have helped me learn about cognitive, behavioral, and physical development. It gave insight into how the mind works and covered different mental illnesses. It showed progression from birth, to the childhood years, to adolescent years, to adult years and onto the elderly years. A lot of my interest in child growth and development stemmed from my psychology courses.

My social work classes include SW3150 Child Maltreatment, and SW 3250 Family, Schools and Community. These social work classes gave me insight into how the child welfare system

works. It helped me to understand the signs of child abuse and how family, schools and communities are integrated in the child welfare systems. I am enrolled in SW3150 Perspectives

on Aging. I am interested in working with people of all ages so learning about the elderly will give me some insight into this population. SO3500 Illness, Wellness, and Healing discusses our healthcare system and global health as well.

My health and nutrition classes include NR2500 Health Assessment, HE3220 Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living, and HE2300 Principles of Health. These classes incorporate the different aspects of what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle. Specifically Applied Nutrition and Principles of Health focused on the importance of putting healthy nutrition into our bodies for positive outcomes both long term and short term. These courses incorporate a lot of maternal and women’s health issues which pertains to my specific interests. Since I have a strong interest in women’s health, I am enrolled to take HE4100 Women’s Health Issues in the fall of 2017. I’m excited to learn more about women’s health and the issues pertaining to women. I am also enrolled in and PY 3050 Ethical Theories for the fall. Together, with my Genetics for Nurses class, I will learn more about ethics in the medical field.

My program is made for me and uses disciplines across the health spectrum. It combines many courses in the Health Sciences. My plan for the future is to continue my education by obtaining either a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in nursing. If I do decide to pursue nursing in the future, I need to take knowledge from different areas and apply them to my patients. Being a nurse is so much more than just knowing the medical terminology and practice. My Interdisciplinary program will help shape my education for what may happen in the future.

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  1. This is a fine start, but you need to go through every class and describe it. You can check out the parameters here:

    Come see me soon to check in on how your program development is going, and remember the Open Hours are Sundays 3-6pm and Mondays after class until 9pm, so take advantage of that time to get informed help to move you along!

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