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The scholarly article I found is called, Interdisciplinary Studies of Childhood Ethics: Developing a New Field of Inquiry. This article talks about a two year study, that covers a new field of childhood ethics. The authors discuss all the different types of disciplines that are collaborated to make this an interdisciplinary project.

The different disciplines that the article discusses are ethics, explaining the different ethics or morals within the childhood research. It talks about childhood studies, taking children from a wide range of age groups and populations and how certain ethics and morals apply to them. There is a medical aspect integrated, which discusses the health science and services for the children. There is also the discipline of law integrated as well. The law aspect covers the state-made laws creates by the courts in both Western Europe and North America.

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The concept of childhood ethics has a lot of gaps in knowledge. That is where the interdisciplinary parts come in to take the information from different disciplines to create a better understanding of the concept. “Childhood is constructed from a diversity of social perspectives, such as son/daughter, citizen, community member, student and patient.” This quote relates childhood studies with ethics, because based on the role a child is playing, their ethics may vary.

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“There is a lack of truly interdisciplinary studies in this domain. There are problems within individual disciplines; divisions between childhood education, legal and social service providers and social science and humanities researchers; as well as divisions within the medical sciences, social sciences and the humanities in their examination of medical ethics for childhood.” By integrating these fields within the interdisciplinary studies, the information has become more advanced and any missing gaps of information have started to closed in due to the overlap of information. Childhood studies ethics is a growing field. By collaborating a variety of fields, the researchers have been able to close gaps and gather more information that will lead to future research and development in the field.


Carnevale, F. A., Campbell, A., Collin-Vezinam D., & Macdonald, M. E. (2013). Interdisciplinary Studies of Childhood Ethics: Developing a New Field of Inquiry. Children & Society, 29(6). 511-523.

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  1. Quite honestly, I learned a lot from this post because I never really even knew about an area of study called “Childhood Ethics,” but I am so very grateful that you sketched this out for me like this, since I think many PSU students would be intrigued by this collection of disciplines, and perhaps interested in thinking more about designing a program of study around these issues. A great example of a cross-section of disciplines that, when considered as a group, could yield some very positive benefits for kids in our world. Great post!

  2. Hi Casey, I found this article to be very interesting. This seems like any research having to do with children could be rather controversial, so it’s interesting that you chose this as your topic. Overall it seems like anything having to do with children would automatically be interdisciplinary. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This article makes me sad in knowing there isn’t much knowledge on childhood ethics. I hope with Interdisciplinary work this can be fixed an eventually a surplus in this new field will arise.

  4. This is a very well written article. I was only vaguely aware of this issue, but not enough to know it is a whole field!

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