Interdisciplinary Success Story

Interdisciplinary has allowed people to take different passions from different fields and combine them into something unique. Over the years, there have been numerous success stories and today I am focusing on the successful career of Christine Hameline, who has been quoted as, “A true renaissance woman.” Hameline¬†has taken her interest in different fields and have combined them to create a successful career, along with helping those in need.

Hameline graduated in 2008 From USC Dornsife in 2008 with a bachelors in international relations and art history. USC Dornsife, like Plymouth State University also has an interdisciplinary program. Her current occupation is working to expand her family-owned real estate business called RE/Max elite in Malibu. Her education in both international relations and art history has allowed her to meet and form relationships with various people. She wanted to be able to work with and relate to people of various groups, whether that be their ethnicity or their social status.

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Along with being a successful real estate agent, she does charity work under the RE/Max Elite brand. This is when the client that she works with families, help families at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles (CHLA). With this, they have fundraised and have been donating a portion of all their sales to CHLA. In May 2014, they brought in over $200,000 to donate to the hospital.

She is The Face of Malibu, which is a portrait of people in the Malibu community that help to shape the community for the better. She loves to be involved with her community and be an active participant of society and to engage with her community. Hameline looks at herself as an entrepreneur and someone that has found success through the interdisciplinary world.


Learn more about Christine Hameline here.

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  1. That’s an interesting story, and I could imagine a story like that for one of our PSU alums. I wish I understood a bit more about what each field (for example, Art History) has brought to her current career in real estate and to her charitable work. But it certainly seems as if her breadth has allowed her to flourish. It was fun to read about her successes.

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