Moving Forward With My AP&RA

One thing that I really appreciate from coming into the Interdisciplinary Studies program here is that it helped me figure out what I exactly want to do when I leave Plymouth. That is to be a nurse in either the maternity, neonatal, or pediatrics field while having some knowledge on health and nutrition. I’m going to be honest when I say that there have been few, if any, projects where I enjoy looking through scholarly or peer reviewed journals, trying to write at 12 + page paper. I’m also going to be honest that even as a senior, I don’t think I have ever started a paper and a project this far advance before a due date. Being able to choose what we wanted to do for our applied project and research article has made the lengthiness and the amount of time we need to put into them, much easier, and somewhat more enjoyable.

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So, aside from starting my AP and RA so early in advance, I’ve actually come across a lot of interesting information not only within my research, but in some of my other classes as well. I’m currently enrolled in a class called, Illness, Wellness and Healing where it talks about all the different cultures around the world, both present and throughout history and how medicine and healthcare are practiced, or have been practiced. And lucky me, it has to do with women’s healthcare most of the time. This class has given me so much informations on women’s maternal health care that I have decided to add a section to my paper that discusses the different kinds of healthcare across the world, or the lack thereof it.

Did you know, that because of the lack of education and healthcare, or education on healthcare that women receive in third world countries, often women who are infected with HIV are not aware until after they have given birth which can be passed on to the child? During the eighteenth century, doctors would handle cadavers, and then later on that day deliver a child, with would lead to the death of the mother. Doctors eventually realized that simply washing their hands in-between handling dead bodies and delivering babies that the maternal rate went down severely.

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I’ve realized that over the course of the semester I have an interest in global health, and that maybe someday being a traveling nurse will be in my future. My current classes and my research is allowing me to learn and gain knowledge on something that I hope to be doing for the rest of my life. I’m super excited to see how my final product of my applied project and research article turn out.

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  1. This post has it all! It was so interesting to read about how you are clarifying your interests through your academic work, and how your future options are becoming both more specific and more open…very exciting. The traveling nurse idea sounds amazing, and I would love to hear more about what kinds of experiences people have when they do that– seems so adventurous, and it adds a whole new layer to the nursing career. Glad you are doing so well with your research and work, and can’t wait to see the results!

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