My Years Beyond Plymouth

I am looking forward to my life after I graduate from Plymouth State. Although, I do not have a set in stone idea of what I am doing, I have quite a good idea of where I want to end up. I am graduating with a degree in health sciences but my end goal that I want to get an occupation in is working as a nurse. My plan when I leave Plymouth in May is to live at home and to work to start redeeming my bank account which has seen some of its lowest point during my years here at Plymouth since student loans are around the corner and nursing school won’t pay for itself.

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I have a few classes that I need to finish over the summer and during the fall, and once those are completed I will receive my degree of health sciences in the interdisciplinary program! It’s crazy to think that my four years here are coming to an end. Looking forward though, I have been researching different nursing schools in my hometown area to attend once I receive my degree from Plymouth.

I recently applied to be a camp counselor at the MDA summer camp in Poland, Maine. MDA stands for Muscular Dystrophy Association. It is an overnight camp for a week where kids with muscular dystrophy get placed one on one with counselors as they get to participate in a various activities from arts and crafts, to sports, to sailing on the lake. It is a volunteer opportunity for me to work with children with disabilities which I am excited to do since I want to become a pediatric nurse.

During the fall, I will be applying to nursing programs in Boston so I can commute from home. During this time, I plan to complete training to become a CNA (certified nursing assistant) so I can work in hospital and gain experience while I am going to nursing school. Since I won’t be attending school until the Fall of 2018, I hope that during my time off I can volunteer, work and gain experience in different settings that can help me build my resume during my time leading up to attending nursing school.

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My goal is to work with children and families as a nurse, whether that be pediatric or neonatal and/or maternity. I eventually want to go back to school (again) and get my masters to become a nurse practitioner so I have more options and can learn more within the medical field. I do hope to do something with my health science degree at some point. The topic of health and the idea of helping others achieve healthier goals does interest me. I’m excited to see where I go after my life here in Plymouth. I hope to have a variety of different experiences and to meet lots of people to that can help shape and lead me into a career that I am proud of and happy to be in.

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  1. Very excited to see the plan for the summer camp, nursing school, the CNA program– so many good ideas that can work together to really set you up for success after you graduate. You are totally focused, with so many good options in front of you. Stay motivated for the rest of this semester and I really think you are going to thrive after graduation!

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