Summary Synthesis

My Interdisciplinary Studies program is called health sciences. It incorporates an array of disciplines such as Biology, Psychology, Social Work, Nursing, Sociology and Philosophy. My IDS essay goes into detail about the courses that apply to my program. I am specifically interested in learning about women’s health, particularly maternal health and the cognitive and developmental aspects of children. I have taken classes such as anatomy that talk about the structure and function of the human body, to psychology classes that discuss how our brains work. All of my classes have helped contribute to my health sciences program here in the interdisciplinary program.

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My applied project was an informative website discussing maternal health. The front page of my website was an introduction as to who I am, and what my purpose was for creating this website. As you scrolled down, you come across a small blog that I had been writing on about once a week discussing a variety of topics. I had pages that discussed nutrition, recipes, dangers of consuming alcohol while pregnant and the topic of gaining weight while pregnant. This contributed to my education because it really helped me put all the information I have researched into a creative outlet. I had a lot of fun designing the website and it was a cool way to show what I had learned.

My research article was on maternal health in both America and other countries. I covered topics such as access to health care, obesity during pregnancy, nutrition, alcohol consumption and more. I came across numerous studies that gave in depth information on the topic. This research article contributed to my education because it had me doing tons of research. Then it had me take that research and put it into a format that would be interesting to my reader.

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The applied project and research article had me dive into information on a topic that I hope to work with in my future occupation. My program courses allowed me to learn about my wide variety of interests through different classes and disciplines. These classes have gave me knowledge on a topic I am passionate about and I cannot wait to apply this knowledge to my job in the future. The interdisciplinary program here at Plymouth State University has given me so much insight into what I want to do in the future. I was so unsure for the majority of my time here. Although my time here in the interdisciplinary program was short, it truly had the most impact on my life and helping me decide where I want to go in life.

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