The Things I’ve Learned

My classes this semester have integrated with my health sciences major, but also tie in to my future hopes of becoming a nurse. I have a strong interest in maternal health and nutrition as well. Even incorporating the two is something I enjoy learning about. Between my illness, wellness, and healing class and my principles of health class I have gained knowledge that I will be able to apply to my future jobs, whatever they may be.

In my illness, wellness, and healing class we have been taking a look into the pharmaceutical industry. This is a topic I never really knew much about. The amount of advertisement that goes into drugs is unbelievable. They come up with medications that are extremely similar to ones that already exist, and they change the name and label but they jack up the price. Doctors will give their patients these name brand items when there is often a generic brand that is cheaper that has the same effect.

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In my principles of health class we learn about all the different principles of leading a healthy lifestyle. From nutrition, to being cautious about drinking, learning about sexual assault, and exercise, it covers a wide range of health principles. Currently, we are learning about short term and long term affects of drinking. I think this is interesting because we often know the short term affects of drinking, especially in college where the drinking environment is inevitable.

These both relate to my major because one day I will be dealing with different medicines and pharmaceuticals. It’s important to be aware of everything and how this idea of “Big pharma” works. By learning about the long term affects of drinking, we can be aware of our drinking habits and educate others as well. I’m hoping that by learning about these topics, I will continue to learn about them in detail and I continue with my education and be able to apply them to my line of work.

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  1. I would actually really like to learn about the pharmaceutical industry, and the “Big Pharma” issues that affect how and why we use prescription drugs. Seems really important…something that affects almost all of us, but that so few of us really understand. I especially enjoyed the glimpse here, and think it sounds like a great class!

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